Photo1Wonder as you view the skeletal remains of two huge mammoths lying as they have since the Ice Age - tragically locked together in combat! More than 10,000 years ago, a pair of "testosterone-crazed" bull mammoths crossed paths on the high plains in what would one day be western Nebraska. The two Columbian mammoths battled for mating rights. However, fate thwarted desire when their tusks permanently intertwined. After an epic struggle the mammoths fell and tragically perished. Preserved under layers of sediment cascading off the Little Badland formations, the dueling titans were discovered in the summer of 1962 and can now be seen as they were found during that remarkable excavation. Also witness the dramatic fight depicted in a huge, awe-inspiring mural, and explore a wide variety of other rare Nebraska fossils such as an ancient rhino, giant tortoise, mosasaur skull, full-standing mammoth, and more! Shop for treasures for the entire family in our museum store and gallery. Find books, posters, toys, jewelry, souvenirs, Native American arts & crafts, and more! 

Come visit us for an experience you will never forget. This is one-of-a-kind fossil discovery not found anywhere else in the world!

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